Storyteller in art




"Just here"


It was midnight.

We were in the park. This park was a little bit far from our house.

You stopped walking and started to speak.


"One day, 'it' was born in the middle of night, when no one was here. There had been no presage. Then, the monster its name is 'Fumagon' melted into the darkness of the night. The monster make people being in despair. "


The park was in silence, and your voice was the only thing I could hear.


"What's that?"


"I was told this story by my co-worker."


"What do you want to tell?"


"So interesting, isn't it?"


"You took me to the park for the purpose of telling such a story?"


You smiled with satisfaction.


"We should go back home."


I wanted to leave there because I got bored.

But this was not the only reason.

I got a feeling your black long skirt would melt into darkness of the night with you.


So, I held your hand and started to walk.


"You became scared, didn't you?"


"What do you mean?"


"Of the story of Fumagon."


I held your hand more firmly.

I was held my hand more firmly.