Storyteller in art


Storyteller in art Vol.5「3.1415926535...」with Miru Omori

「Storyteller in art Vol.5」

I was inspired by works of Miru Omori, colored-pencil-artist.

She works in a lot of fields actively. She paints illustrations, makes picture books, does workshops, and does works related with share houses.

Her works are so warm. I like its colors and lines.


I had decided to write a realistic story on her warm illustrations.




"Circular constant"


I don't know what.


I walk alone, after winter session of a cramming school.

It was already 9pm. The TV show I had wanted to watch had already finished.

But, I was hurrying to go home, because it was so cold.


"If you don't understand the "circular constant" correctly, you can't solve questions of circle in math." The teacher had said to me.

But, I can't t understand, completely. So, I couldn't solve the questions, and I had got scolding from a teacher. I had tried, but,finally, I couldn't still understand.


There are a lot of things I can't understand in the world.


I am still a 5 grade student. Why must I go to a cramming school to study?

Anyway, The winter session will finish tomorrow.


I could see a lot of warm lights through the windows of houses around me.


The lights were so warm…


So warm







In my house, It was so cold and dark as usual.

I turned on the light of the living room and air conditioner.

An empty room was so cold.

"The is pasta in freezer. Use the microwave." a memo said. It was my dinner.

My mother works so hard till late everyday.

She used to be at home, but, before I had entered school, after her divorce, she had always been working.


I ate the pasta in the silent room.

Probably, I could go nowhere because my mother has work till 30th


I thought it was not fine, the I thought this thought was not fine itself.


After the dinner, I brought a big ladder from a shed.

I would go to a secret place.

The length of the ladder is three meters when I extend.

If I lean against the wall of the house, I can go its roof.

My mother would come home late today, so, I climbed to the roof secretly.


Being on the roof, I could see a lot of other roofs in front of me.

Under them, there are a lot of warm lights through a lot of windows.

There were a lot of families in these lights, and spending their happy winter vacations.

I feel my heart grasped.


There was the round moon in the sky.

It was beautiful.

"Circular constant" of the moon is correct, I thought.




I tried to reach the round moon.

A little more, little more…

I, tried, to, reach,

I, tried, to reach, and, touch, then



I grasped.







"What's the matter with you?"

In front of me, there is a yellow sphere, which was as tall as me.

It had a face, arms, and legs.

And, it has a hollow in its face. I don't know why.

"You called me?"

It looked a little bothered.

"What do you mean?"

"I feel me grasped and being pulled down from the sky. You did?"

"The sky?"

"Yes, I was there."

The place he pointed was the place I had looked at the moon just before.




The moon had vanished.

It's wired. The sky was clear.


"I was so surprised. I had thought I could watch the Earth without any shadow on my face."

Really? Is this the moon?

"Do you have something to ask me?

"Well, no it's not intentional."

"Oh, really?"

The moon sit on the roof of the next house.

I faced to the moon, so wired it is.

"Are you the moon?"

All words I could say was such a stupid words.


"But, the moon is not so small."

"Am I ? But, I am me. Size is not the matter."

"The moon is in the space."

"You pulled me down from the space. And here is the space."

"No, the Earth."

"Earth is also in the space."


I couldn't totally understand.



I cautiously touched the moon.

It was not so rough as I had thought, and it was warm.

It made my heart warm. It was mysterious.

"Huh, the moon is like this."

"How is like?"

"Well…like this."

"I'm caring how I look."

"Are you caring such a thing?"

"Of course."

"Why do you have a hollow here?"

"Ah, it's natural."

It said with embarrassment.

I've never heard that the moon has a hollow.


"If you have a hollow, the full moon is not round." I said.

"I'm hiding my hollow not to be watched from the Earth. I mind being watched my non-round shape.

"It's not embarrassing."

"It's embarrassing."

"I don't think so."


"Well, being the moon is not easy."

"Yes, but everyone is so."


"Everyone has a hollow. As I look down at the Earth, I can see everyone has something like a hollow."

"Have something like a hollow…"



I looked a lot of warm lights under a lot of roofs, again.


"Hey, may I go back?"


"If I don't go back soon, people will be confused."


"See you"


Suddenly, he vanished. And went back to the sky.

It was too sudden. All I could do was giving a blank look.


I could seen a beautiful full moon.



The next day, The last day of the winter session.

I came back to a cold house as usual

I  microwaved my dinner I bought a convenience store and ate it.


Everyone has something like a hollow.


In this morning, I hadn't watched any news saying"The moon had vanished."

What is the thing happened yesterday?


The moon was round.

It was not a full moon any more, so, it was not exactly round, but I couldn't see any hollow.

I thought of a hollow we can't observe.


There are a lot of things I can't understand in the world.




Miru Omori



She has painted since she was child.

She did workshops and made picture books as research for art education in university.


From, March 2018, she will start "Canvas", a share house project of supporting of development for artists.