Storyteller in art


#12 "The Duty"



I have been on an egg.

For about 2 months.


On that night,  I was walking to go back home from my office as usual.

That day was a boring day as usual.

When I was thinking about sarcastic comments made by my manager and half price delicatessen in supermarket, I suddenly  lost consciousness.


And then, I found myself being on the egg.

The radius of the egg was more than 3 meters.

I didn't know where the place was.


The egg was put on the center of a small concrete room.

There was a stepladder beside the egg.

I climbed down the stepladder and I found a piece of paper. It said"The Instruction Manual".

Another thing I could find in the room was only futon.

I looked out from the only window this room had.

The greenfield spread as far as the eye could see.

A little Far away, there was a river flowing slowly.


I wondered where it was.

My phone's battery was over.

I checked "The Instruction Manual"


"A spirit is in the egg

It is to protect us.

If it failed to be born safely, we would be ruined.

Somehow, YOU have to hatch the egg safely.

You can do it!!"


What did it mean?

"You can do it"? It was totally fool!


But I couldn't do another thing. So, I decided to sit on the egg to hatch safely.

At first, I was anxious about foods. But, oddly enough, I haven't felt hungry at all.

I could drink water from the river.


Without me, a spirit couldn't be born, and "we would be ruined".

I feel I have to stop it by myself.

I don't know if I am included in "we".

This responsibility is bigger than that of my work.

I don't know why, but , it reminds me of school lunch duty in elementary school.


I wonder when will the egg hatch.

I guess it perhaps takes many years, because it is so big.

But I don't care.


I can do it.