Storyteller in art



#11 "I came up with this when I ate custard cream. So, It has some relevance to it"

I woke up and saw the disgusting setting sun. I looked around in my gloomy room. A small room. There were a bunch of empty beer and sour cans on the floor. There was a bag of chips which had been opened and left roughly. I had a bad hangov…


起き抜けに見る夕日の気持ち悪さ、 薄暗い部屋を見回す。 四畳半の部屋にはビールやチューハイの空き缶が大量に転がっている。 テーブルの上には無造作に開封され、放置されたポテトチップの袋。 二日酔いだった。 けれども、何の問題はない。 バイトは二日…